Zanu PF MPs say budget balanced

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By Anna Chibamu

AS expected Zanu PF MPs fell on each other to endorse Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube’s 2020 budget proposals arguing it was balanced.

Budget and Finance Parliamentary chairperson and Zanu PF Chikomba Central MP, Felix Mhona led the platitudes.

“The point of departure on the issue of fiscal discipline was of paramount importance. If you can compare with the old dispensation where the government would spend willy-nilly. But one of the major achievements which the new dispensation has achieved was to address the issue of fiscal discipline.

“So far so good. You can see that the Minister was talking of the savings that he has generated from January to August, about $1.4 billion which was taboo in the old dispensation. As we gravitate towards the normal sustainable 2020 budget, if he continues on such projection, I think it will be a better economy at the end of the day,” Mhona told journalists.

Mhona welcomed the productivity issue in the budget also highlighting his projections going forward.

“The Minister spoke of enhancing productivity in the economy and that is the way to go. In areas such as agriculture irrigation support where there are going to be guarantees by government, issues like harvesting water are critical if we are to be guaranteed of the actual produce at the end of the day.  So in terms of production, if we move towards producing enough for ourselves, then we will be a better nation,” he said.

Zanu PF national Chief Whip Pupurai Togarepi in an interview with welcomed the minister’s budget which he said catered for youths through the newly introduced Youth Entrepreneurship Tax Incentive initiative announced by Ncube.

“I feel very excited and the realisation by the Finance Minister that given their energy youths if supported they will help with development. Youths are still very keen to prove themselves and contribute to the growth of the country.

“The facilities provided for in the budget such as tax incentives, funds for projects, money allocated to the Empowerment Bank all are centered at increasing production. I am glad the government has seen it fit to support the youths’ initiatives,” Togarepi said.

Chirumanzu MP Barbra Rwodzi commended Ncube for free sanitary ware for girls in schools.