Zanu PF provincial chair threatens to shoot supporters in ruling party hubbub

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ZANU PF district chairman for Chivi North in Masvingo was recently beaten by party supporters in the presence of the provincial chairman Ezra Chadzamira who in-turn threatened to shoot and kill the crowd for disrespecting his authority.

The incident comes as scenes of violence start to rock the politically volatile Zanu PF Masvingo structures ahead of the party’s primaries.

The chaotic meeting was held recently at Befura Business Centre in ward 3 Chivi North after Chadzamira had announced the suspension of the local councillor Lazarus Mauto from party activities on allegations of corruption.

Sources said the announcement did not go down well with the locals who argued that Mauto was doing a sterling job in the development of the ward and there was no need to suspend him.

“Villagers demanded that he (Mauto) addresses the gathering as he was a duly elected councillor for the ward but he was not given the opportunity.

“Violence started when villagers pointed fingers at the district chairman Ocean Mudziva accusing him of being the master mind of the suspension of their councillor before they manhandled him,” said a source who attended the meeting.

Another source said the villagers were also vying for Chadzamira’s blood whom they accused of fuelling divisions among the grass roots supporters but could not manage to manhandle him as he was heard saying he had a gun and was a ‘licenced killer’ if anyone was to come close to him.

Sources said Chadzmira left the meeting in a huff as pressure continued to mount on him.

Contacted for comment, Chadzmaira could not deny the incident but became evasive accusing this reporter of focusing on a non-developmental issue.