Zanu PF Throws Weight Behind US Sanctions Listed Kuda Tagwirei

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By Staff Reporter

ZANU PF has thrown its weight behind controversial oil tycoon Kuda Tagwirei after he was slapped with sanctions by the United States government accusing Washington of making the decision out of sour grapes after the mogul beat an American company to the lucrative Dema emergency diesel power plant five years ago.

Last week, the US State Department added Tagwirei to the sanctions list alleging corruption.

Zanu PF youth league leaders early this year also accused the businessman of involvement in corrupt activities, resulting in some being expelled or suspended from the ruling party.

“Zanu PF and the world at large is at a loss to understand the geopolitical reasons motivating the Sole Global Super Power which the USA is; descending on a small country like Zimbabwe with a sledge hammer on the basis of falsehoods perpetrated by individuals and the 4 000 NGOs or so it has sponsored to peddle lies and fake news against the Zanu PF government and its national leadership,” Patrick Chinamasa, the Zanu PF acting spokesperson said in a statement.

“For the record, none of these 4 000 NGOs are in the business of sinking boreholes, building clinics, hospitals or schools to meet the basic necessities of our people but peddling the regime change agenda.”

“Zanu PF is indeed perplexed that one of the basis for imposing the OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctions on the entities is the Dema Diesel Power Project which was undertaken and intended by the government to address in the shortest possible time, intermittent power shortages wreaking havoc in our economy and thereby disrupting production across all sectors in the economy.

“The world needs to be told that the real concern of the USA concerning the Dema Diesel Power Project is not about any alleged corruption but the failure to win the contract by a USA backed company, APR Energy,” the party said.

Zanu PF also accused the MDC Alliance leadership of calling for sanctions against Tagwirei.

“Allegations forming the basis of the sanctions decision by the USA have been deliberated upon by the Public Accounts Committee of Zimbabwe’s Parliament, chaired by Mr Tendai Biti, whom it will be recalled, along with MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa are perennial honoured guests of the Chairman of the Foreign Relation Committee of the USA Senate, Senator Jeff Flake.

“Their missions in visiting Washington are always to plead for the extension, continuation of and intensification of USA sanctions against themselves and the Zimbabwean people. During the Public Accounts Committee hearing chaired by Mr Biti, Sakunda Holding placed before the committee, all documentation pertaining to all transactions on Command Agriculture and successfully demonstrated that the allegations of corruption were false, fake, fabricated and malicious including allegations that they had received US$3 billion from government.

“If Mr Biti was man enough, he would have reported that to Senator Flake, having observed that Mr Biti feel obligated to be accountable to the USA,” Chinamasa’s statement reads.

Tagwirei is widely believed to be a major Zanu PF benefactor and is said to have bought the party campaign vehicles and funded its activities.