Zanu PF women want Constitutional amendment to make Mnangagwa life president

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By Staff Reporter

WOMEN in Zanu PF party have said if President Emmerson Mnangagwa had been in charge of Zimbabwe since 1980, the country would have made a huge socio-economic leap.

Addressing the women’s league in Kwekwe recently, Zanu PF women’s league Midlands Provincial chairperson, Tsitsi Zhou said women feel Mnangagwa is development-oriented and must have an uninterrupted rule.

In line with these sentiments, Zanu PF women’s league has called for a constitutional amendment which will see Mnangagwa extend his rule beyond the period of two terms as provided for by the law.

“As women, we are mobilising and ensuring that people have registered to vote. It must be known that no other party will ever rule in Zimbabwe besides Zanu PF,” said Zhou.

Tsitsi Zhou

“We are going to give President Mnangagwa a fresh mandate in the coming elections, and we will tell those in parliament to amend the constitution to give him another term beyond 2023 because the President is a hard worker, and we will hand him another term.”

Mnangagwa assumed power in 2017 after taking over from the late former President Robert Mugabe who was in charge since Independence.

Zhou said Mnangagwa has made remarkable strides since the day he took over.

“What the President has achieved in a short time, if he was to be the one in power for the past 37 years, then the country would have made serious economic strides. His hard work can be testified by the Chirundu-Beitbridge Highway,” she said.

She added that Zanu PF is a progressive party which is going to win next year’s elections.

“What gives us confidence that Zanu PF is a progressive party is based on the fact that the country’s number one citizen is from Zanu PF and he is from Kwekwe, that is where he casts his ballot.

“Zanu PF brand gives us confidence because it spells out victory. Because we are Zanu PF. We have already won the 2023 elections. We are seeing many people who want to join Zanu PF. We now have teachers for ED, civil servants for ED, nurses for ED,” she said.