Zanu PF youth boss salutes ‘brave’ supporters for wearing ED regalia

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By Kwekwe Correspondent

Kwekwe: A Zanu PF youth leader and one time fierce campaigner for President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s take over from former President Robert Mugabe has admitted party supporters were now reluctant to put on regalia with the incumbent’s face on it for fear of being ridiculed.

At a Zanu PF youth meeting in Kwekwe Friday, party youth league political commisar Godfrey Tsenengamu thanked youths heartily for being too “brave” to carry Mnangagwa’s face on their clothing.

“I salute everyone who have come to this meeting wearing our party regalia. I want to thank you for showing character and bravery in the face of public ridicule,” Tsengengamu said.

President Mnangagwa took over with loud promises to pull the country out of its economic mess presided over by Mugabe but the situation is now worse off.

Locals have begun debating on who between the country’s two successive leaders was better than the other with Mnangagwa now the butt of every joke on the country’s dire economic status.

For that, even his most ardent supporters seem to have chosen to abandon his regalia for fear of being taken to task on why they voted a leader blamed for plunging the country into its worst economic crisis since the 2008 hyper inflationary environment.

Tsenengamu had soothing words for the brave.

“I know that even those who have come to this place without the regalia have it in their homes but they have chosen not to wear it because of fear.

“All those who are wearing their regalia, I want to commend you, you are heroes,” he said.

Despite Kwekwe being Mnangagwa’s home town, party supporters now seem reluctant to be seen putting on party regalia bearing his images.

Said Tsenengamu, “The reason why you are reluctant to put on your regalia is because you fear being ridiculed for voting Zanu PF.

“I know what they are saying in the communities. I know in the face of the economic challenges we are facing, they are blaming you for voting Zanu PF and they are saying the party is the architect of our problems.

“I understand your fears and as leadership, we are to be blame because since the elections, we have not been having many meetings.

“We have not been coming back to give you for updates on the direction the country is taking.”