Zanu PF youth league boss lays into ‘captured old man’ Mugabe

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By Kingston Ndabatei

ZANU PF youth league secretary Pupurai Togarepi says ex-President Robert Mugabe’s “handlers” should put him under a leash or risk a push by party youths for buildings and roads named after the veteran politician renamed.

In a Facebook rant weekend, Togarepi described Mugabe as a “bitter old man” biting the hand that feeds him.

Mugabe, ousted in a military coup 2017, has infuriated his former allies through continued attacks on current President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Speaking during a private party to celebrate his 95th birthday, the once powerful leader called on Zimbabwe’s army to “go back to the barracks”.

He also warned Mnangagwa against visiting brutalities on innocent citizens adding that Zimbabweans could soon turn against the incumbent.

In his comments, Togarepi felt his former boss had crossed the line and must be stripped of the recognition he has received through the naming of the airport and roads after him.

“Can we keep our international airport named after a bitter man, can we walk on roads named after a person who destroyed the dreams and aspirations of a generation. These are questions that we need to discuss and debate.

“Least I am regarded as a revisionist. No I am not. I am only a Zanu PF son who loves his nation,” Togarepi said.

He added, “Mugabe ran his race but his repulsive utterances put him at risk of being expunged from history. What can stop us from renaming airports and roads? What can stop us from repossessing the many farms he grabbed? Absolutely nothing but respect for our elders.

“Can Mugabe’s handlers put him on a leash, otherwise the Zanu PF youth league will demand back the time he stole from Zimbabwe at large.”

Zimbabwe’s foremost international airport is named after Mugabe while his birthday was also declared a national “youth day” holiday.

Togarepi said Mugabe must drop his holier than thou attitude.

“Mugabe is part of the past, a relic from the First Republic whose erratic good deeds are of course overshadowed by his ambitions primarily to die in office and then to pass the baton to his equally troublesome wife Grace and also his quest for revenge.

“Although he is old, wizened with time vicissitudes, inside Mugabe sees himself as an unstoppable warrior, the only man who is ordained to lead the country, anyone but him is unqualified. What crap from a man who singlehandedly made some unfortunate decisions for this nation,” said Togarepi, who is also party chief whip in parliament.

He also defended Mnangagwa.

“President Emmerson Mnangagwa is not God, he has never tried to elevate himself to deity status, he is a simple man with the mission of making Zimbabwe a better place for all.

“It is a vision we in Zanu PF support to the hilt and whose achievement we will not allow to be distracted by the rantings of a captured old man whose bitterness could cost him a place in the sun among our other founding fathers.”