Zanu PF Activists Attack Chamisa Convoy In Masvingo

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By Thandiwe Garusa

THE opposition Movement for Democratic Change Alliance claims that over 200 youth mobilised by the ruling Zanu PF party have attacked Nelson Chamisa’s convoy and advance team on their way to meet community leaders in Charumbira area of Masvingo Province.

In a statement, the MDC Alliance said: “They stoned cars, barricaded roads with burning logs & assaulted members of our team who’ve now been hospitalized. Cars were seen ferrying the rented crowd and co-ordinating the attacks as violent thugs held up printed posters.”

The MDC Alliance said several party activists were injured and party leader Nelson Chamisa is safe.

A vehicle belonging to the MDC Alliance was among several cars that were stoned by Zanu PF supporters in Masvingo.

A vehicle belonging to the MDC Alliance was among several cars that were stoned by Zanu PF supporters in Masvingo.

“A crowd of drunken youths at the scene are saying they were sent by Ezra Chadzamira (Masvingo Provincial Affairs Minister) whom they say was sent by Mnangagwa. President Chamisa has been taken to a safe haven.”

“This political violence is cause for extreme concern and a clear act of desperation by a bankrupt, illegitimate regime that has failed. They are terrified of the unstoppable groundswell of citizen support for President Chamisa & the broad alliance forming in every village and every town to win Zimbabwe for change.”

Police were unavailable for comment. Indications are that the police have stormed a place where the MDC Alliance was holding a meeting.

In a tweet, the party said: “Riot police have stormed a private meeting being held in Masvingo at the private residence of MDC A provincial member, Leader Chitemere. No explanation was given as to why the police would disrupt a private meeting that in no way offends Covid regulations or any law.”

Chamisa is currently on a community citizens’ conversation interface in various provinces in line with the MDC Alliance’s Agenda 2021.

The tour will see him engage citizens, civic leaders and special interest groups “as we strengthen the broad alliance to win Zimbabwe for change.”

Zanu PF acting spokesperson, Mike Bimha was not immediately available for comment as he was not responding to calls on his mobile phone.

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