Zanu PF youths blast US ambassador for ‘meddling’ in Zim politics

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By Leopold Munhende

THE Zanu PF youth league has accused US ambassador to Zimbabwe, Brian Nichols of sponsoring terrorism in the country and further called on President Emmerson Mnangagwa to reign in on the diplomat.

At a press briefing in Harare on Monday, party secretary for the youth, Pupurai Togarepi accused Ambassador Nichols of meddling in Zimbabwean politics.

“We are very concerned by the behaviour of the American Ambassador to Zimbabwe. He is meddling in our politics. He is aiding these terrorists and aiding this violence by the MDC,” Togarepi said.

His comments come in the wake of a police crackdown on some MDC supporters who last Friday defied a ban imposed on a party demonstration in Harare, igniting angry clashes with law enforcement agents.

Said Togarepi, “We want to remain friends with America and the rest of the world, but this ambassador has proved beyond doubt that he is a sponsor of the terrorist behaviour in the MDC.

“We are going to write to the Dean of Ambassadors in Zimbabwe complaining about the behaviour of the American ambassador.

“Mr. Uncle Tom, we do not like you; we do not want you to interfere with our politics.”

Added Togarepi, “We call upon the American government to look at this behaviour and shape their ambassador.

“He is not the only ambassador here, he behaves like he would want to run our affairs, our politics in Zimbabwe. He behaves as if he is a referee of some sort in Zimbabwe.”

The angry comments by the Zanu PF youth league could fly in the face of current attempts by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to reengage America and some western countries that have ostracised Zimbabwe citing gross human rights abuses by the Zanu PF led administration.

Nichols condemned police’s heavy-handedness in dealing with protestors who were demonstrating Mnangagwa’s failure to deal with a worsening economic crisis.

On Friday, unarmed women and youths were teargased and beaten up by police.