Zanu PF youths in pledge to reopen Ziscosteel training centre

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By Staff Reporter

The Zanu PF youth league which is seeking the revival of Ziscosteel Training Centre has promised a non-interference approach by politicians in the revival of the training facility.

Youth league secretary Lewis Matutu, speaking on the sidelines of the training centre’s tour last week, said politicians were only going to create spaces for young people to be trained while the actual training will be left to experts.

According to Ziscosteel’s Chief Executive Officer Alois Gowo, the training centre is credited for not only churning out industry competent graduates but also top managers.

“This is not the first company (Ziscosteel) we visited. We are visiting different companies to appreciate what is happening and also to see what part we can play to support whatever is taking place.

“Now we are proposing the revival of the training centre at Ziscosteel,” the Zanu PF youth league boss said.

Matutu said the youth wing was not going to allow the now comatose parastatal go to waste.

“We have seen equipment that has been taken care of for years. Even when the company was not working, the management was able to take care of the public assets. 70% of the things I have seen can be used by young people for training.

“So if the government can allow us which I know they will do since we cannot allow such assets to go to waste,” he said.

Matutu pledged non-interference from politicians.

“We want to use this for our training. We are not saying as politicians we will come here and train people. We don’t know anything about training but we know that people will be trained. It is Ziscosteel which will train.

“Ours is just to open spaces for young people that are qualified to get such type of training,” he said.

The youthful politician further added that the Redcliff community had been greatly affected with the closure of Ziscosteel.

He also declared that the youth wing was for engagement with various stakeholders in the area of development.

“Our approach is that we don’t want to go back to the time of intimidating others and the time of coercing others to do things they don’t want to do but we want to engage and engage in how things can be done,” he said.

Meanwhile, Gowo has said the proposal by the youth to resuscitate the training centre is a welcome development.

“The proposal is a very good proposal coming from the youth league. We would like to see our youth taking over with proper training and discipline so that they occupy positions and keep positions going,” he said.