Zanu PF Youths Promised Land As Reward For Campaign Support

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By Idah Mhetu

GOKWE: The Deputy Minister of Youths, Tino Machakaire has said the government will soon parcel out land to Zanu PF youths as a reward for the young supporters who successfully campaigned for the ruling party during elections.

He said the youths were always at the forefront and foot soldiers during election campaigns and it was important for the party to reward them.

The Deputy Minister made the commitment last Saturday in Gokwe Central where he was the guest of honour at a Zanu PF rally organised by the party’s national commissar, Victor Matemadanda who is also the MP for the area.

“We want the youths from Zanu PF to benefit from the land. I will be happy if that happens because we all know that every time, the youths are always at the forefront in election campaigns. It would be good if they also benefit from some of these things. Let us appreciate their efforts,” said Machakaire.

He said by redistributing land to the youths, the government was also reducing unemployment among the youths by offering them farming opportunities.

Machakaire said the reason most youths were using drugs was because they were unemployed and the government would put an end to this by giving them land to farm and other empowerment opportunities.

“There should be a database, which will be used when opportunities for the youths open up and it will be easier for us to pick which youths are in need of which programmes,” he said.

“The reason why some of these youths end up engaging in alcoholic substances is because they do not have anything tangible to do. So we have to give them opportunities to end poverty; please, parents support your children to do good and to be innovative. 

“We also want the youths to benefit more if land is available. There should be a portion of land availed just for the youths.”

The Deputy Minister also he promised to donate flour to every ward in Gokwe Central for the youths to establish ‘bush bakeries’ to bake bread for sell in their communities.