Zapu accuses AU of failing to rein in dictators, turning blind eye to human rights abuses

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

OPPOSITION Zapu has taken a dig at the African Union (AU) for failing to rein in dictators within member states and turning a blind eye when members of its “old boys’ club” kill and abuse.

The phrase “old boys club” was popularised by South African politician, Julius Malema, in reference to the AU, which he also said did not find fault with any liberation party, members of the infamous caucus.

In its Africa Day message read by party spokesperson Msongelwa Ndlovu,  Zapu blasted the AU for its failure to call out injustices by member states and attacks on immigrants, as has been witnessed in South Africa recently.

“The AU has failed dismally to bring to order regimes which acquire and retain power through the most undemocratic means,” said Ndlovu.

“Not only do they stampede around the feeding trough, but they have now reduced the union into an old boys’ club to protect and insulate even the most mischievous despots Africa has ever produced.

“They remain silent when fellow Africans are killed, raped, and abused by their governments for demanding justice and economic opportunities.

“The AU turns a blind eye when these immigrants choose slavery in the same world capitals we fought against over their own motherland. Vices like tribalism and xenophobia pervade African society today, where a majority seeks to annihilate the minority both economically and politically.

“Whole governments openly participate and feed the spirit of tribalism in the hope of harvesting votes from the majority. When the minority migrates to seek sanctuary in fellow African sister countries, they are confronted with horrific xenophobia, where brother burns brother.

“The AU sees and hears no evil. Kwame Nkrumah should be turning in his revolutionary grave,” added Ndlovu.

This is not the first time the AU has been called out. It has been described as a toothless bulldog by numerous political players, who feel it is failing to assert authority on the continent, 59 years after its formation in 1963.

The same has been said of regional body SADC.

The party’s scathing Africa Day statement also blasted the Chinese for looting African resources, describing their businesses as “grand theft.”

“Africa continues to be pillaged of her resources with minimum beneficiation before exporting. Our liberators are participating in this grand theft for direct benefit or through incompetence.

“This happens when Africa is unable to defend herself from diseases, as witnessed by our unpreparedness when Covid-19 hit us. We had to rely on the same colonisers to save our people,” added the Ndlovu.

China was one of several countries that took an active role in the liberation of Africa by supplying weapons and training combatants.

Alongside Russia, which also assisted, China has been amassing massive tracts of mineral rich land across the continent, offering loans to already debt burdened governments after little to no proper diligence.

Africa Day is observed annually to commemorate the founding of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), now AU, formed on 25 May 1963.