ZAPU Accuses State Of Destabilisation As New ‘ZAPU’ Is Formed

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

OPPOSITION ZAPU has accused the State of destabilising its operations by allegedly sponsoring the formation of a replica organisation, which has adopted similar logos and colours.

Party secretary for information, Iphithule Maphosa told that the replica party, PF ZAPU, was set to be launched in South Africa.

However, this was delayed by the outbreak of COVID-19.

“Not only is the State waging a misinformation and distortion war,” said Maphosa.

“They have gone further to sponsor elements in South Africa into forming another party bearing the name PF ZAPU. The launch of this replica party was derailed from previously scheduled dates by the COVID-19 pandemic and it remains affected by the mitigation measures against the spread of the virus, which among other regulations, outlaws meetings.”

The ZAPU spokesperson accused an unnamed telecommunications mogul, a former South African-based ZAPU member and an exiled former Cabinet minister as the people spearheading the project.

“The sponsored elements in South Africa include a former member within ZAPU’s  South Africa province. He is supposedly the secretary-general of the muted ZAPU replica party. Also in the plot is a telecommunications businessman who brags about family ties with an exiled former minister, supposedly coming in as the president of the party.

“ZAPU is reliably informed that the group is being bankrolled by the Zimbabwean State, elements within the military and Zanu PF in their war against the revived ZAPU. Their aim has nothing to do with occupying the democratic space in Zimbabwe but to sow confusion among loyal ZAPU members and supporters which feeds into their concerted war against the mother party,” Maphosa said.

He threatened to take legal action against the use of the party’s logo, flag and constitution by the renegades.

“Our names, logo, flag, colours and constitution are patented and legal action will be taken against those who use them outside the confines and authority of the party,” said Maphosa.

He added that according to the country’s laws, no other political party or individual can claim to be PF ZAPU except the one led by Isaac Mabuka.

“Let all our members, supporters and sympathisers alike not be confused by these machinations of the enemy. ZAPU remains as one and will never shift from its ideology.”

ZAPU is set to hold its elective congress in August this year following the death of the party’s leader Dumiso Dabengwa last year.