Zapu Calls For All-Inclusive Unity

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

AS the country commemorates Unity Day Wednesday, opposition party, Zapu has called for inclusive unity among all Zimbabweans which goes beyond two political parties.

Unity Day is celebrated on December 22, a day on which the late Joshua Nkomo-led PF Zapu signed a unity accord agreement with the late former president Robert Mugabe to form what then became Zanu PF.

The unity accord is credited for ending fierce hostilities in the western regions of the country in which an estimated 20 000 mostly civilians were butchered by a pseudo military wing at Mugabe’s behest.

In an interview with Zapu Monday, newly appointed spokesperson, Msongelwa Ndlovu said the Unity Day signifies the end of the genocide.

“It is our view that the idea of uniting two political parties without uniting Zimbabweans from all walks of life was unsustainable as it was ill-conceived. But we are alive to the different objectives of the two protagonists at the time. One wanted a one-party state and the other to end the genocide,” Ndlovu said.

“Both objectives failed dismally as there is now a plurality of political parties today and the genocide did not end but continues in different forms,” he said, adding following the party’s official withdrawal from the unity pact in 2009, Zapu has no longer anything to do with Zanu PF.

“Zapu withdrew from this shame arrangement in 2009 and will not, shall not be associated with anything Zanu PF. They can celebrate the day whichever way they want but Zimbabweans must understand that we have nothing to do with this (day). In 2009 we refused to be the lipstick they use to beautify their frog and we continue to reject it,” he said.

Ndlovu stated that instead of celebrating on 22 December, Zapu will mourn fellow countrymen, women and children who were senselessly butchered by Zanu PF.

MDC Alliance Bulawayo provincial spokesperson Swethern Chirowodza also described the day as the capitulation of Nkomo and PF Zapu by Zanu PF.

“It is a day when, through the abuse of the state’s coercive apparatus, the Lacoste faction of Zanu PF celebrates the capitulation of Joshua Nkomo and PF ZAPU. The capitulation was preceded by the murder of killing of innocent Ndebele citizens mainly in the Midlands and Matabeleland,” said Chirowodza.