ZAPU donates to Luveve killer typhoid victims, urges transparency over death causes

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

ZAPU has donated mealie meal and various groceries to 39 Luveve families affected by contaminated water which has caused 13 deaths and affected over 1 500 in the high-density suburb.

Tests done so far at private laboratories have been linked the ailments to typhoid and dysentery.

The disaster has been blamed for the authority’s unpopular 144-hour weekly water shedding schedule imposed to conserve dwindling volumes of the necessity in a city that has had its fair share of water woes.

Probably to try and avoid civil suits, the city council has been evasive about the real cause of the deaths.

But speaking at the donation ceremony in the suburb, party’s national secretary for social welfare, Mildred Mkandla urged both government and the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) to be transparent about the source of contamination.

“Tell us the truth about what happened in Luveve,” Mkandla said.

“We were gutted to hear that people died and others are still sick after drinking the water, something that was unheard of in Bulawayo.

“We need to know what happened because up to now we are still asking the same question as to what caused such a disaster.”

The party official said residents had a right to know the exact cause of contamination and what measures would be taken to prevent similar occurrences in future.

“It is your right and within your power to ask and hold the authorities to account about what happened and what will solve this matter because it must be resolved.

“To those who lost their loved ones, please be comforted and to those who are still unwell, be well soon,” she said.

While acknowledging the city’s deteriorating water infrastructure, Mkandla said that should not prevent authorities from saying the truth.

The families received groceries such as mealie meal, cooking oil, sugar and soap.

One of the beneficiaries, Getrude Sithole thanked the party for the timely gesture.

“We are grateful to Zapu for the donation. Life is difficult for me since I am not employed,” said Sithole.