Zapu Official In Tribal Storm

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

ZAPU has suspended one of its top officials, Derek Katsenga for allegedly denigrating the party’s leadership as well as fanning tribalism and regionalism within the opposition.

Katsenga is party secretary for mobilisation and organisation.

According to a letter of suspension dated 31 March 2021 and signed by party secretary general Strike Mkandla, the under-fire politician is also accused of participating in an unsanctioned Mashonaland Central provincial conference.

“The Presidency has been observing the manner in which you have recently tarnished the work for which you were getting good reviews and support throughout the party,” read the letter in part.

“We have no choice but to uphold discipline and defend the integrity of the party by instituting disciplinary action, starting with your immediate suspension and interdiction from carrying on with your functions as ZAPU Secretary for Mobilization and Organization.

“After being furnished with the relevant information and charges, the Council of Elders will commence on a disciplinary process where you will be summoned and given an opportunity to defend yourself.”

Mkandla also accused Katsenga of fanning tribalism and regionalism within the party.

“Instead of providing objective support to provincial processes in northern region, you have incited or been associated with denigration of party leadership and promotion of regionalism and tribalism, in contravention of your position as principal coordinator of national mobilization and organization.

“You have sown division and discord among senior party leaders in northern region, thereby weakening collective follow-up of party decisions and channels, in the face of express directives from the Office of the Secretary General,” further read the letter.

Katsenga also stands accused of “proceeding to hold or to associate yourself with the provincial conference in Mashonaland Central after being cautioned by the SG that the use of regalia from a candidate was not permissible and would nullify the process”.

However, sources within the party said Katsenga’s suspension was an attempt by party rivals to soil his name ahead of the party’s forthcoming elective congress month-end.

Katsenga could not be reached for comment.