ZBC’s Pashoma Ncube sent on forced leave

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RADIO Zimbabwe manager Simon Pashoma Ncube has been sent on forced leave pending investigations into allegations he converted to his own use money meant to pay artists while telling them the broadcaster was broke and unable to pay them.
Sources at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), which owns Radio Zimbabwe, said Ncube was thought to have squandered about US$20,000 meant to pay outside artists, taking advantage of the public broadcaster’s widely-publicised financial woes.
It was also discovered that he earned more money over the last five years scripting radio drams using a pseudonym in contravention of the terms of his contract of employment.
The case was said to have come to light when the ZBC finance department conducted an audit at the Mbare-based Radio Zimbabwe and discovered that only one author had been writing drams over the past five years.
Auditors then requested to engage the author to verify some issues but the writer could not be located while their contact details were also not available.
It was then discovered that the author’s signature was similar to that of Ncube.
“He (Ncube) later admitted that he was the author of the scripts and offered to resign but management refused to let him go as they want to clear issues with him or possibly call in the police,” said official from the ZBC finance department.
“It was also discovered that Ncube was collecting money from the finance department on behalf of the artists but converting it for his own use.
“He would tell the artists that ZBC was broke as it was failing to pay its own workers and that they would get their money when the company finances improved.”
Ncube is currently on bail over allegations he raped a 15-year-old girl at Frontline Hotel in Chivhu last November last year. He denies the charges.
The State alleges that Ncube and a workmate identified as Clifford Makonese made advances to the girl at Nharira business centre before taking her to the hotel where they proceeded to a room they had booked.
It is alleged when Ncube and the girl entered the room, Makonese locked the door from outside and disappeared with the keys.
Ncube then tore the girl’s skirt and panties and raped her once. He raped her twice again during the same night.
Makonese who had disappeared with the keys only showed up the next morning when Ncube had contacted him via mobile phone. The girl later fingered Ncube after being quizzed by her uncle and mother over where she had spent the night.Advertisement