ZBC’s Power FM bans R Kelly’s music

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By Paidashe Mandivengerei

STATE broadcaster, ZBC’s Power FM radio station has removed American R&B artist, R Kelly’s music from its playlist, joining the #MuteRKelly, a global campaign against the under-fire entertainer.

The American crooner is in the eye of the storm over sexual misconduct allegations made against him by several women.

Several online music stores have also ceased promoting the artist’s music.

Power FM station manager, Rumbidzai Moyo, speaking to a local publication, said the sexual abuse allegations motivated her team’s decision.

“In as much as R Kelly has done so much in the music industry, we can’t turn a blind eye on the allegations peddled against him through the docu-series,” Moyo said of the singer’s new documentary series “Surviving R Kelly”.

The series consists of over 50 interviews of different women who claim to have suffered sexual abuse at the hands of the musician.

“As a radio station, we have to take a stand and as such, we aren’t considering his music on our playlist.

“There is no smoke without fire and up until there comes a time that he is acquitted, his music won’t be considered,” she said.

The American music sensation continues to deny accusations against him.

Other local radio stations, StarFM, CapiTalk 100.4 FM and Diamond FM have however indicated that they are following R Kelly’s court case and their decision will only be influenced by the jury’s judgement.