ZCTU chief blasts opaque ED mega deals

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By Staff Reporter

ZIMBABWE Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) secretary general Japhet Moyo has scorned President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s infertile attempts to attract foreign investment back into the country.

In an interview with this week, the outspoken trade union leader described Mnangagwa’s administration as no better than that of his predecessor Robert Mugabe.

Moyo said Mnangagwa’s much publicised multi-billion dollar mega deals with outsiders were taking time to come into fruition because of “red tape and bottlenecks” imposed by Zimbabwe’s policy regime.

“This has been the trend over the years,” he said, adding, “Unfortunately, the Second Republic is just doing exactly what the previous administration was known for.

“The impact is that we miss out on the projected growth and more delays create uncertainty.”

Since taking over as the country’s number one on the back of a coup against his former boss, President Mnangagwa has travelled the world to seek elusive investment for his troubled country.

All his travels have been accompanied by screaming headlines of the country’s leader securing billion dollar worth of investment pledges by foreign investors.

Mnangagwa is now into his 16th month at the helm of the country with no signs of a nation ready to emerge from its deep abyss of economic distress.

In his comments, Moyo said there was need for stakeholder participation to both play an oversight role and give impetus to the deals.

“Probably involving other institutions like parliament to play an oversight on such deals could assist,” he said.

“We also want such issues to be brought before the TNF (Tripartite Negotiating Forum) so that everything becomes transparent.

“Even if the government is doing its best to cut the best deal for the benefit of the country, but who knows exactly what they are doing if such issues are left to selected officials within the ministries.

“They are now currently leaving stakeholders to speculate because people do not know what the government is doing.”

The ZCTU boss added that there was lack of transparency in the negotiation of the deals.

“That is when stories like the investor has pulled out because so and so was demanding kickbacks. It is because we are not told of the processes and what is holding implementation.

“Some investors are not good and when government does due diligence to save our interest; still the information is not made available to the stakeholders,” he said.