ZEC dismisses claims it is calling agents and observers back to sign new V11 forms

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By Staff Reporter

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has dismissed reports that polling agents and observers were being recalled to sign new V.11 forms.

Social media was on Monday awash with reports of election agents and observers in some parts of the country being summoned by ZEC to return to their respective polling stations.

In a statement, the electoral body said the V.11 forms signed soon after counting of votes are safely sealed in ballot boxes.

“The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) notes with concern reports circulating on social media to the effect that election agents and observers are being re-called to sign new V.11 result forms. The Commission would like to inform the public that the said reports are false.

“The polling station returns (V.11 forms) form part of election residue and copies are sealed in ballot boxes soon after the counting of ballots is completed at the polling station.

“The said ballot boxes are not to be opened by any person until the time specified in the law for their opening and disposal of the contents except by order of the Electoral Court,” read the statement.

Zimbabwe recently concluded its 2023 general election which saw Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa claiming victory with a 52,6% share of the vote.

According to Election Observer Missions (EMOs), the polls were not free, fair and credible.

EOMs, African Union, SADC, Carter Centre, European Union and Commonwealth condemned the condition under which the elections were held.

Among other concerns raised by the EOMs was ZEC’s centralization of key election processes such as regulation and supervision of the election process such as registering voters, drafting delimitation boundaries, designing, printing, and distributing ballot papers.

The EOMs also highlighted the weaponization of the law by Zanu PF to deny opposition rallies and gatherings while raising red flags over the arrest of some local observers.