ZESA boss says forced to donate to Zanu PF

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ZESA CEO, Josh Chifamba, said he was left with no option but to donate cash towards Zanu PF’s Victoria Falls congress when he was approached by ruling party officials and anyone in his position at the time would have done the same.

The 2016 Auditor General’s report said ZESA made $1.1 million donations to companies, organisations and individuals. Some of the donations did not have board approval and were verbally approved by Chifamba and the Energy Minister.

Chifamba also said it was for the same reason that ZESA would pay large sums of money for advertisements for congratulatory messages to former president Robert Mugabe when the company was technically insolvent.

Appearing before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Public Accounts Committee Wednesday to answer questions on discrepancies uncovered in the AG’s 2016 report, Chifamba said he found himself in a difficult position hence went against good corporate governance.

He was flanked by more than a dozen company directors and managers.

“Yes, I verbally approved the cash donation to Zanu PF party in exchange for a place to exhibit at the congress in Victoria Falls to such a big gathering,” said Chifamba.

“We also donated $125 000 to Grace Mugabe to buy a 38 seater bus which was donated to Danhiko Rehabilitation Centre.

“And I can’t give the figure off hand but will avail the documents with the correct amount.

Asked by Priscilla Misihairambwi-Mushonga if any political party can approach them and get a cash donation in return for them to exhibit to thousands of party supporters, Chifamba said that was impossible.

“I want to be honest with you here as I am under oath, in as much as it is morally wrong to donate cash to Zanu PF I couldn’t say no.”

“But given my position and situation I had to release that money because Zanu PF is the ruling party. And if any opposition party come asking for money, no cash donations will be given,” he said.