Zesa Loses US$300k Equipment To Vandalism

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By Staff Reporter

THE Zimbabwe Electricity and Transmission Distribution Company (ZETDC) lost equipment worth US$300 000 to vandalism in the southern region alone this year.

In a statement ZETDC southern region acting general manager Gibson Kasipo said vandalism of electricity infrastructure is crippling implementation of new projects in the region as available funding is being channelled towards replacing vandalised equipment.

“At the moment vandalism and theft of ZESA equipment is on the increase,” Kasipo said.

“From January 2021 to November 2021, we have lost over 30 transformers valued at US$230 980. The vandals are targeting transformer oil and coils.”

In total region lost US$284 000.

“During the same period, we have also lost about 2206kgs of overhead copper conductor valued at US$44 130 and 1 180 meters of underground copper cables valued at US$9 246. In total we have lost US$284 356 from vandalism of ZESA infrastructure in ZETDC Southern Region only for the period under review,” he said.

Consequently, Kasipo said, vandalism is greatly compromising power supply.

“Power supply is greatly being compromised by increasing cases of theft and vandalism of electricity infrastructure that has resulted in unplanned electricity outages. Theft and vandalism of electrical infrastructure has resulted in increased faults leading to frequent and long power outages that some clients perceive to be load shedding,” he said.

In a bid to curb the scourge ZETDC is currently pursuing various strategies that include patrols, special operations in liaison with other security agents and awareness campaigns to contain the menace.

“The power utility is appealing for community participation in the protection of electricity infrastructure in the interest of efficient service delivery. In the same vein, ZETDC is inviting whistle blowers to volunteer information that would lead to the arrest of perpetrators of theft and vandalism and a REWARD would be given in proven cases,” he said.