ZESA Chair Gata, Wife Part Of 45 Couples Seeking Divorce In Early 2022

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By Mary Taruvinga

AT LEAST 45 divorce cases have been filed at the High Court this month, and one of the disgruntled divorce applicants is the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) executive chairman Sydney Gata.

The High Court’s Family Court in Harare will this Thursday hear a total of 22 divorce cases.

According to official statistics, 1 351 couples filed for divorce last year, an increase from 1 117 cases handled in 2020.

Gata is one of the prominent figures who have filed for divorce. He is divorcing his wife, Ntombana R. Gata (nee) Mogomoza.

Details regarding the couple’s breakup were not readily available, but the matter is already before the High Court.

One Hansen Inkope, who is divorcing his wife Farirai, has already appeared in court and the divorce case became the second to be filed at the High Court this year.

Popular bus operator, Decent Rimbi of Rimbi Travel and Tours is also going through a nasty process of divorcing his wife, Everjoice Rimbi (nee) Sithole. However, Decent has been barred by the courts from disposing of the couple’s property before the finalisation of the matter at the High Court.

The court heard Rimbi had rushed to court soon after the couple’s fallout and filed for divorce. He filed for divorce after his wife hired thugs to assault his girlfriend.

The businessman also instructed his security guards to bar his estranged wife from accessing the company offices and property.

However, Everjoice filed an urgent chamber application in December last year, seeking an interdict against her husband. She is claiming she helped Decent to build the business empire from scratch.

The High Court ruled in favour of Everjoice and ordered that no assets should be disposed of until the divorce case is finalised.

“It is hereby declared that the applicant as co-owner, co-shareholder and co-director has the right to remuneration, profits, and use of the union and company assets pending determination of divorce proceedings…first respondent (Decent) to pay costs of this suit,” the provisional judgment reads.

“The first respondent and all those acting through him be and are hereby barred and interdicted from preventing applicant or her duly authorised representative from accessing company premises…and using the motor vehicle…the first respondent and all those acting through him are barred and interdicted from taking any money from the business’s revenue without the involvement and consent of the applicant.”

Everjoice wants equal entitlement to the couple’s houses in New Marimba, Marlborough, and Glen View 1 Extension all in Harare. She also wants unfettered ownership of the company’s 10 buses that are currently being shipped from China, 16 buses plying different routes in Zimbabwe, a road tanker, tractor, several trailers, and light vehicles.

Other couples are also divorcing for various reasons, but the majority of them are due to infidelity.