ZETDC employee sues parastatal, colleague for $700k over freak accident 

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By Mary Taruvinga

THE Zimbabwe Electricity and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has been slapped with a $700 000 lawsuit by one of its ex-employees who was involved in a freak accident while on duty.

Wheelchair bound Betserayi Mazhinye Mashababe blamed the power utility and one its top engineers, Divine Nyamudeza for his injuries.

Broken down Mashababe is demanding $200 000 for special damages for medical expenses, $200 000 for future expenses, $200 000 for loss of income, $50 000 for pain and suffering and another $50 000 for loss of amenities of life including interest at a prescribed rate on the total of $700 000 from the date of issuing of summons to date of full payment.

“The claim is for damages suffered by plaintiff (Mashababe) as a result of an accident negligently caused by the first defendant (Nyamudeza) during the course and scope of employment making the second defendant (ZETDC) liable as will more fully appear on the plaintiff’s declaration,” Mashababe said in her declaration..

Details regarding how the accident occurred were not outlined but court papers show that Mashababe is now crippled.

“As a result of the accident and negligence of the first defendant, the plaintiff suffered severe injuries that include inter alia, spinal dislocation and broken ribs and was hospitalised and had to undergo surgical procedures,” court papers show.

Afterwards, she had to undergo rehabilitation to learn how to walk again.

“As a result of the injuries, the plaintiff will be forced to retire early resulting in loss of future earnings,” Mashababe’s lawyers,Gambe Law Group wrote.

The case is pending.