Zhombe legislator says child marriages difficult to end in constituency

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By Staff Reporter

Zhombe Member of Parliament Eddie Samambwa has said it is very difficult to fight child marriages in Zhombe as parents are complicit in the practice.

Speaking in an interview, Samambwa said child marriages are rife in Zhombe and has seen several young girls drop out of school.

“We have a huge challenge when it comes to child marriages in Zhombe, this practice is rife. What is more disturbing is that it is also difficult to fight child marriages in the area,” he said.

He added that parents are complicit in the practice as they accept bride prices from suitors who would have come to marry their under-aged daughters.

Added Samambwa: “What makes it more difficult to fight child marriages here in Zhombe is that parents are even complicit in the practice. They are the ones who are demanding and accepting bride prices for their under-aged children. We have tried to exploit every available resource to fight the scourge to no avail.

“The net effect of this practice of child marriages has seen girls dropping out of school. Whenever schools close we are guaranteed that some girls will not be going back to school as they would have been married off, and that’s sad.”

He further called for a concerted effort from all stakeholders to fight child marriages.

According to police, an average of five girls are being married off every week in Zhombe, with the worst affected areas being Zhombe East under Chief Samambwa.

The scourge is also being witnessed in Silobela in areas such as Gobo and Wozoli areas.