ZiDIG executives in Denmark on Zim investment drive, Nordic region office opened in Copenhagen

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EXECUTIVES from a UK-based Zimbabwe diaspora equity investment company were this week visiting Denmark ahead of a 10-day trade and investment mission to Harare.
Zimbabwe Diaspora Investment Group (ZIDIG) CEO Taffi Nyawanza, who is accompanied by investments executive Hillary Chindodo, said they were engaging private and institutional investors in Denmark ahead of the January 15 trip to Zimbabwe.
The Denmark visit is part of a part of the company’s drive to bring investment from the Nordic region into Zimbabwe. The company has also opened an office in Copenhagen to coordinate investment mobilisation in the Nordic region.
Nyawanza said setting up a Nordic region office in Denmark signalled an important milestone for the company.
“The Nordic region presents an important first step in our expansionist agenda,” he said.
“It is a region with very liquid markets but have in recent years experienced negative interest rates such that investors are looking elsewhere for returns. Investors there will therefore be looking at Zimbabwe with very keen interest as a viable and exciting destination.”
Investments executive Chindodo was optimistic about the prospects of attracting investment from Denmark, Norway and Sweden to Zimbabwe.
“We like what we have heard from investors in this region”, said ZiDIG’s Hillary Chindodo of their meetings in Denmark.
“There is a real opportunity for Zimbabwe to bounce back as an investment destination of choice for international investors.
“The Nordic Region has a long history of providing developmental support and aid. As ZIDIG, we want the region to compliment the aid efforts with more capital investment and trade which Zimbabwe perhaps need more for its economic recovery and growth going forward.”
The meetings between ZIDIG and the investors were organised and facilitated by Florence Charamba Christensen through her organisation Afrika Consultancy.
Meanwhile, during the forthcoming trade and investment mission to Zimbabwe, ZiDIG is set to meet with senior government officials and departments, private sector business leaders and trade bodies as well as local authority executives to present some project proposals.
The team is also expecting receive opportunities areas which could be of interest to ZiDIG’s network of private and institutional investors.Advertisement

Denmark visit pictures: