Zifa agrees to form single div. one league

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TWO teams would be relegated from the Premier Soccer League after the 2014 season while a National Division One league will begin the following term.
This follows an outcry from clubs to have four teams relegated from the 16-team league which constitutes 25 percent of new teams every season.
Zifa chief executive officer Jonathan Mashingaidze said they have already agreed the changes with the Premier Soccer League who registered the concern over having four teams relegated.
“We have had consultation with Premier Soccer League and the clubs are also happy about this,” Mashingaidze said.
“We believe this is the right way to go and the most important thing is that clubs will not be negatively affected after this.
“The league will still have 16 teams, but we felt having four teams relegated at the end of each season affects continuity in the league.
“We might end up having a league of only new clubs in five years’ time. The idea of a single national Division One league will also compliment this new development.”
Currently First Division leagues divided into four regions feed teams into the PSL.
The Central Region was the latest league to be established in 2010 to add up to the Northern, Southern and Eastern leagues.Advertisement