ZIFA warns suspected match fixers

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ZIFA has warned that the presence of Hope Chizuzu, banned for life for his alleged involvement in the Asiagate match fixing scandal, at Premier Soccer League club Harare City would invite the full wrath of the law.
Chizuzu was roped into the communications department of City, the same role he played at Monomotapa when he was eventually banned after a fake trip to Malaysia.
City is chaired by Leslie Gwindi, who himself is no stranger to controversy after being banned by the Zifa administration of Leo Mugabe and Rafik Khan.
Gwindi is also facing a ban from Zifa for bringing the game of football into disrepute after he attacked the national association, Delta Beverages who sponsor the PSL and the governement of Germany.
The national association said in a statement on Thursday: “Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) would like to register its displeasure over the involvement of some banned Asiagate match-fixers in football events.
The Association would like to categorically declare that it takes great exception to such growing dubious distinction and shall invoke sections of Football statutes to deal with such mischief makers.”
Last month, Zifa was also left livid after Robson Sharuko, also banned for life travelled to Germany under a Supersport/PSL programme.
“We have written letters to our affiliate, Premier Soccer League (PSL) registering our disgust over the presence of these banned match-fixers in football events,” the association said.
“As an association, we are reliably informed that one Premier Soccer League Club has conscripted a banned match-fixer cum-journalist into its ranks.
“Such behaviour is not only undesirable, but a flagrant disregard of Football statutes.  We shall deal ruthlessly with all people bent on bringing the game of football into disrepute.
“Furthermore, the association is cognisant that there are some officials within the Premier Soccer League (PSL) who are colluding with these banned match–fixers.
“We would therefore like to explicitly state that such officials will face the full wrath of Football statutes.
“As the Football mother body, we find it annoying, that people, who sold the soul of their nation for ‘thirty pieces of silver’ by auctioning games in Asia, are now being smuggled back into the beautiful game.Advertisement

“The Zimbabwe Football Association has adopted a 24/7 surveillance policy on all Football activities to protect the beautiful game from football dinosaurs.
“We have also enlisted the services of Law enforcement agents, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) to assist us in our football activities and all matches from these unrepentant and unpatriotic vultures.
“Consequently, banned individuals who are defying our directive to desist from involving themselves in football events will face the full wrath of the law. It is our responsibility to preserve the sacrosanct values of the game.”