Zim among the worst countries for workers, according to an Index

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Zimbabwe has been ranked among the worst countries for workers in the world by the International Trade Union Conference (ITUC) Global Rights Index.

The ITUC Global Rights Index depicts the world’s worst countries for workers by rating 139 countries on a scale from one to five based on the degree of respect for employees’ rights.

Zimbabwe is on rating five, where there are no guarantees for workers’ rights and is among four African nations on the list of 38 countries.

The other African countries on the list are Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria and Swaziland.

ITUC Secretary General, Sharan Burrow said there was a marked increase in trade Union violations in 2017, with the number of trade unionists killed increased by just from 10 to 11.

“Rights to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly were violated in 50 countries in 2017. This is concerning as they are important enabling rights for workers,” he said.

The Global Rights Index covers internationally recognized core labour standards, specifically civil rights, the right to bargain collectively, the right to strike, the right to associate freely and access to due process rights.

The Zimbabwe government has, on several occasions, barred trade Union organisations, especially the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions from freely holding events.

Last year, Zimbabwe was on the International Labour Conference agenda for trade Union abuses and is likely to be listed again this year after the ZCTU reported it to the International Labour Organisation for unfair labour practices.