Zim Coronavirus Suspect Readmitted In Hospital For Further Tests

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By Thandiwe Garusa

A ZIMBABWEAN woman who was last week admitted and further quarantined at the Wilkins hospital in Harare on suspicion she could have contracted coronavirus during a recent visit to China has been readmitted at the same hospital for what authorities say was a “comprehensive evaluation” and treatment.

She was discharged from Wilkins Hospital after spending a night there and after testing negative to the dreaded ailment.
However, in a statement, the Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals Public Relations Office said the patient was brought to the government health facilty by City of Harare authorities and the two decided to readmit her at Wilkins Hospital.
“We wish to inform that the person who was originally isolated at Wilkins Hospital for suspected COVID-19 presented at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals on 26 February 2020,” the hospital said in a statement.

“The patient was brought in by the City of Harare to our mental health hospital where it was decided that the patient had to be seen by a physician first.

“The psychiatrist followed up the patient and attended to her in our casualty department. Since consultations with the City of Harare were continuous throughout the process the two parties eventually resolved that the patient should be referred back to Wilkins Hospital where she is currently admitted for comprehensive evaluation and treatment.

“The city of Harare who isolated the patient and conducted tests on the patient indicated that the patient had tested negative three times. The first test was done in China, the second in Zimbabwe and the third in South Africa,” said the hospital.

It added; “We wish to advise members of the public that we have done everything within our capacity to protect our staff and patients from potential infection.

“The hospital has a rapid response team in place which comprises clinicians and administration staff. The team has proved to be effective after handling previous epidemics given all the required tools.

“The Chief Executive Officer and the Director have immediately called for a meeting with key departments to review how the case was handled and to assess the hospital’s preparedness to handle similar cases in the future.

“The meeting resolved that the whole of casualty should be regularly disinfected following World Health Organisation guidelines. The few outstanding items on the order for protective clothing should be expedited.

“Standard operating procedures and protocols for casualty should be strictly adhered to.

“The rapid response should improve in their communication. A screening tent should be set up outside casualty so that any suspected case is referred to Wilkins hospital.

“The hospital shall not attempt any suspected case of an infectious disease as it is statutorily a responsibility of either Wilkins Hospital or Beatrice Road Infectious Disease Hospital.”