Zim Gobbles US$46m Monthly On Maize, Wheat Imports

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By Alois Vinga

ZIMBABWE is spending over US$46 million a month on the importation of maize, wheat and crude oil indicating deep weaknesses embedded in the country’s agriculture sector.

Once revered as the continent’s breadbasket, Zimbabwe is losing millions monthly importing rice, maize meal, bread, and crude soya bean oil.

The latest Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) monthly economic review for the period ending September 30 2020, reveals that maize imports gobbled US$13.9 million constituting 3.1% of imports shares which was the third highest of imported goods into the country.

US$12,4 million was used to import crude soya bean oil, US$7,7 million for wheat, and US$12,1 million for rice giving a total of US$46.1 million.

“During the period under review, the country sourced most of its imports from South Africa, Singapore, China, and India,” the report said.

The August 2020 RBZ report reveals that crude soya bean oil gobbled US$13.8 million, rice US$11.6 million, wheat US$9.1 million, maize US$ 9.1 million

The total spent during the month of August 2020 reached US$43.6 million.

In the month of July 2020, US$20,2 million was used for maize imports, US$12,4 million for crude soya bean oil, and US$8,9 million for rice.