Zim ‘gos-preneurs’: Prophet Passion Java No use of juju, Sangomas should come to Prophets for deliverance … Passion Java (right)

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IN every sense of the word, Kingdom Embassy founder Prophet Passion Java, aged just 30, has definitely got style – and much more; you could say he is a mélange of charisma and deity.
But beyond the impeccable dress sense, it is his presentation of “divine truth”, the poise and calm that he exudes which makes him so much more engaging and imposing on the pulpit. There is a lot of power in the way he carries himself about and the way he delivers his message.
Off the Church stage however, he is a man of very few words, rarely speaks and is hardly ever seen in public. In fact, he hardly talks to the media, preferring “God’s works through (him) to speak more”.
With his designer traditional suits, bold power ties, subtle pocket squares, weighty glittering cuff links and well-maintained body one would be forgiven to think he was some “rich diamond baron about town”. The model handsome looks, with his message of grace and prosperity, charisma and humility, all add up to his cool “style icon” image.
He became popular over-night, almost, because of his ability to know one’s national identification numbers. While this might seem bizarre to some, it is now a common occurrence at Prophet Passion’s sermons. Over the years he has performed a lot of miracles that have appeared in the media.
Whether the miracles are stage-managed or not, Kingdom Embassy has attracted large numbers of followers and all the worshippers agree that Prophet Java is “a man of God and sent by Him”.
“He always says if he was fake, surely he would have been exposed by now as there are a lot of anointed people in the congregation and ‘one shout by them filled with the holy spirit can expose me if I am not from God’,” one of the elders in the church told
“I was born with a special gift,” said Prophet Passion in an earlier interview. “When I was very young, I used to have strange dreams depicting me in heaven and surrounded by angels.
“When I was in Form One, I specifically had a vision in which I saw a set of numbers spinning in the air. I ran off to tell our school Scripture Union facilitator about the vision and she screamed saying that it was her birth date.”
Prophet Passion has rubbished critics who accuse him of using juju from Sangoma’s to perform miracles saying Prophets were superior to Sangomas.Advertisement

In an interview with a local radio station, Prophet Passion said it was actually the Sangomas who needed to seek deliverance from Prophets.
We don’t use juju
“A prophet is born with power, they are born with the gift of prophecy, there is no way a prophet can go to a Sangoma because Sangomas are always under the prophetic, the prophet holds all the power,” he said.
“It might be Sangomas coming to the prophets for deliverance and not a prophet going there (to a sangoma),”he said.
Responding to a caller who questioned the authenticity of prophets who predict non-religious occurrences like soccer results, the Prophet said this was a way of convincing people that “you are a true prophet and not someone who guesses”.
“Giving soccer prophecies is just to ensure that people know that you are not just guessing prophecies but that you are portraying a message that what God says through you comes to pass,” he said.
Passion also denied ever performing a “miracle abortion” in church saying those making the allegation were spreading the wrong information.
“There is no way a man of God can pray for abortion because every miracle we perform is in the word of God, so there is no way we can pray for abortion. We don’t endorse abortion. There are people who walk around claiming some miracles so that they can taint the name of Prophets.”
Miracle abortion claim
The gospel of prosperity has become popular in Zimbabwe with many desperate people rushing to such churches hoping for a better life.
At 30, Prophet Passion lives like a rock star and has been spotted in town distributing freebies to street kids in a fashion more reminiscent of the biblical ‘manna from heaven’. Trying to get an audience with him is next to impossible as his security detail usually do not allow “just anyone to be close to him”.
Born Passion Java, the Prophet started as a member of the Tebernacles of Grace Ministries but he now owns a plush house in Borrowdale Brooke, the country’s number one address.
He drives the latest cars; there is a Chrysler, a Jaguar and an Audi among a fleet of flashy and expensive vehicles. Last year, he pulled a shocker when he opened a television station K-TV which beams across the world.
“I will not speak about the prophet’s private life, but what I can tell you is that the man of God is anointed and he was also groomed by other great men of God in the country who I will not mention by name,” said one of his spokesperson.
Prophet Passion is married to Prophetess Yasmin and the couple is blessed with a son born on New Year’s Eve last year in South Africa. They called the boy Uebert after Prophet Passion’s spiritual father Uebert Angel.