Zim not yet safe to deport political and economic refugees – says MDC’s Komichi

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By Staff Reporter

THE opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Alliance has pleaded with host countries of political and economic refugees from Zimbabwe to stop deportations saying the southern African country is not yet a safe place for returnees.

In a statement, MDC Alliance national chairman, Morgen Komichi said President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government was abusing office incumbency to trample on citizens’ fundamental human rights, which has resulted in killings, arbitrary arrests and harassment of dissidents.

“The MDC-Alliance has noted with great concern reports that some of our members who fled Zimbabwe are being denied refugee status on the grounds that it is now safe for them to return to Zimbabwe,” said Komichi.

“We would like to advise the world that Zimbabwe is still not a safe place. Zanu PF is misusing the levers of government to silence critics, neutralise and divide opposition, and entrench its political power over the Zimbabwean people.”

Komichi added; “May l refer you to the recent Afrobarometer Round Nine Governance

Survey on Zimbabwe indicates that nearly three quarters of the citizens (72 percent) say the country is going in the wrong direction.

“The ‘New Dispensation’ has not taken any tangible steps to demonstrate a commitment to accountability, justice for human rights abuses or respect for the rule of law.”

Taking a cue from unfolding incidents of politically motivated violence, such as ones that rocked Hurungwe district over the weekend, 2023 harmonised elections were predicted to be bloody.

“Zimbabweans are expecting bloodshed ahead of 2023 general elections. This high level of fear is born out of years of politically-motivated violence in which political militias are known to beat, harass and murder our members,” said Komichi.

“In the March 2022 by-elections, two known opposition supporters were reportedly killed by Zanu PF supporters. Some of our members are incarcerated without trial. Why return people to a country that they can potential be killed?

“Recently, senior Zanu PF officials are on record threatening opposition members saying ‘when we defeated the whites after a protracted war of independence, they left behind their remnants who want to foment violence and chaos in the country. We will deal with them.'”