Zim Youths Urged To Introduce New Business Culture

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Devere Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s young people in Manicaland were challenged to attempt at trying ethical business practices due to the difficulties that the country is facing. Noting that Zimbabwe may come to struggle as a result of the older generations’ business approach, the youth were urged to introduce a new business culture.

“There are many opportunities in mining and farming in Manicaland from which youths can venture into through start-ups. People are making a lot of money through mining hence church youths must establish their syndicates and apply for gold claims, Anglican church Reverend Joseph Waziweyi said, who issued the challenge.

This was stated during last week’s Manicaland’s Impact Business, Leadership and Economic Youth Empowerment Summit. The summit’s theme was Fostering Youth Participation in Building a United, Peaceful, Just and Prosperous Zimbabwe.

“Macademia nuts farming is also an initiative that can be utilized. Rather than selling drugs you can also earn a living through innovative ethical business initiatives.”

“Some of the people we think are exemplary in Zimbabwe are not good examples, for instance the much hyped late Ginimbi. Where was he getting all that money from and he was allegedly evading duty for his imperial fleet of cars.”

Waziweyi affirmed that it is up to the youth to set the course right, as “contemporary politicians have been holding on to influential positions for donkey years without any zeal to abdicate office.”

“Youths must be active political players thereby taking advantage of their huge population to support their own youthful candidates during elections. Rather than waiting to be given space you must demand that space,” he said.