Zimbabwe A Banana Republic: Chamisa

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By Leopold Munhende

MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa has described Zimbabwe as a Banana Republic, led by Zanu PF, a party that views the country as a one-party state.

Speaking on The Namibian’s Desert Radio, the popular opposition leader bemoaned how the ruling party continuously to stifled the opposition party’s operations to cement its dictatorial regime.

“We are not a democratic nation at all. We are clearly a Banana Republic, where we have the incumbent behaving in a very weird manner. They think that they are in a one-party state,” said Chamisa on the station’s Breakfast in the Desert Show.

“They want to throttle us, make sure that they advance the consolidation of authoritarianism, tyranny by banning the existence of the MDC Alliance as an alternative.”

However, Chamisa added: “We have stood our ground, we have managed to resist this persecution and the fact that we are still standing is actually something we must give kudos to the people of Zimbabwe for continuing to support us, to believe in us.

“This is why we have continued to give an alternative platform to Zimbabweans so that we give them hope.

“I am excited to say that when you look at what we have done, the people are happy.”

Chamisa emphasised the need for members of the Southern Africa Development Committee (SADC) to play an active role in ensuring Zimbabwe’s 2023 elections get to the “minimum level of international best practice.”

He said a disputed election would add to the region’s frail democratic outlook, and peace and stability.

“The most critical issue in our view is that SADC continued to face is the stability and peace in the region, which is a critical issue,” said Chamisa.

“This is why the (SADC) Organ Troika is such an important mechanism to be able to ensure that we have credible elections, good governance, and stability.

“There cannot be economic development without political stability.”