Zimbabwe Achievers Awards South Africa launched Celebrating Zimbabweans achieving in South Africa … ZAA officials at launch of Awards

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THE first ever MoneyGram Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (ZAA) South Africa was launched in Johannesburg on Thursday to help highlight the positive contributions made by Zimbabwean in that country.
Organisers, who have been hosting the Zim Achievers Awards in the UK over the last four years, decided to include South Africa on their calendar because of the huge presence of many Zimbabweans in that country.
Speaking at the launch the ZAA chairperson, Conrad Mwanza said: “The inaugural MoneGram Zimbabwe Achievers Awards SA will be unique opportunity for the estimated two million plus Zimbabweans in South Africa to celebrate their own successes.
“The objective of the awards is to recognise and celebrate the various individuals, companies and organisations that have kept the Zimbabwean flag flying high and have significantly contributed to the growth in their respective fields.”
Mwanza said the awards day would be a night to remember full of glamour and glitz.
He added: “In most cases it’s the negative done by us which is reported or known by the world. There are Zimbabweans who are adding value to the South Africa economy by paying taxes and supporting communities and we will be celebrating such things.”
MoneyGram, who have partnered ZAA in the last few years in the United Kingdom, will also support the South Africa edition of the awards.
Anton Luttig, MoneyGram regional director South/East Africa, said: “Zimbabwe is one of our key corridors and being able to identify and recognise the success of Zimbabwean nationals gives us great joy as a company.
“Our strategic partnership with ZAA is one that we value and look to grow into the future as we continue to provide affordable and reliable money transfer services to the Zimbabwean community in South Africa and across the world.
Luttig stated by bankrolling these events it is a way by MoneyGram to thank Zimbabweans in various parts of the world for using their organisation to send money home.
He said in South Africa they met immigrants who had to sleep in the streets, some with no job or legal papers but they worked hard and managed to beat the odds and are successful.
“It is this kind of spirit and attitude we are looking to reward. We are excited about this project and we are looking forward to celebrating with you all the successes of our customers come November.”Advertisement

Richard Moyo, the ZAA chief executive officer said Zimbabweans in South Africa were making remarkable achievements which needed to be told to the world to inspire the younger generations.
“We want those adding value to South Africa to inspire the youngsters to follow their footsteps. We need to celebrate the Zimbabwean success,” said Moyo.
“We look forward to giving you a night of prestige and celebration of the outstanding achievement and paying homage to those who go above and beyond, whilst, taking  their fellow citizen  with them.”
Nominations will open at the start of next with awards set to be in November 2014 and the South Africa community is invited to nominate fellow Zimbabweans who are pushing all boundaries through the ZAA SA Website

The MoneyGram Zimbabwe Achievers Awards
South Africa Categories

Business of the year
Female Entrepreneur of the year
Male Entrepreneur of the year
Business Leader of the year
Professional of the year


Community Organization of the year
Community Champion of the year

The Arts, Culture and Sports:

Music Artist/ Group of the year
Sports Personality of the year
Media Personality of the year
Entertainment Personality of the year

Special Category:

Lifetime Outstanding Contribution Award
Academic Excellence of the year Award
People’s Choice Award

Friends of Zimbabwe Award