Zimbabwe activists say SA was warned of migrant crisis years ago

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HARARE – The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition says it warned South Africa years ago of the looming migrant crisis.

It says it comes as no surprise now that the health system is being overburdened.

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The issue returned to the spotlight when a video of Limpopo Health MEC, Phophi Ramathuba, went viral.

In it, she scolds a Zimbabwean national for putting pressure on facilities in SA.

The coalition says it raised the issue with the International Relations Department and Embassy in Harare.

It warned the policy of quiet diplomacy would not stop the country’s economic collapse.

The coalition also pointed out how a failed state would impact South Africa.

It says it pleaded with South Africa to take the issue to SADC, but their pleas fell on reluctant ears.

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition’s chairperson Peter Mutasa said, “we warned the South Africa authorities longtime ago about their quiet diplomacy and the way there were baby sitting Zanu PF under the guise of umbrella of former liberation movements.”

“But citizens have been complaining bitterly, we have seen atrocities being perpetrated against Zimbabweans by the Zanu PF government and the South Africa government has always been defending them. But we told them long ago they [will] suffer the ramifications of migration.”

And, the situation is not getting any better, analysts and veteran politicians say almost all sectors of the Zimbabwean economy are collapsing.

The coalition says the time for mollycoddling Zanu-PF is over.

It warns that if South Africa wants to save itself and avoid bloodshed it must take decisive action.

It’s once again calling on South Africa to take the issue to SADC and begin serious diplomatic efforts.

Recently, Zanu PF said its relationship with the ANC remains strong, and the migrant crisis will do it no damage.