Zimbabwe aims to tap into the Russian tourism market

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By Business Insider 

LOCAL tourism operators in Zimbabwe are setting their sights on attracting more travellers from Russia. According to recent data, there has been a recent surge in group travels from Russia, China and Japan, signifying a positive trend for the government, which aims to stimulate growth and development in travel and tourism in the country.

The tourism sector in Zimbabwe has heavily relied on tourists from America, Europe, Australia, and select African countries, such as South Africa. However, the industry has yet to fully recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an effort to revive the industry, President Mnangagwa launched the Tourism Growth and Recovery Strategy in 2020, with the ambitious target of building a US$5 billion industry by the following year.

Since then, the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) has hosted delegations from different countries to foster collaborations and forge meaningful promotions within the tourism sector.

Very recently, the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority hosted a delegation from Russia led by Ms. Daria Falovskaya, a market expert for Integrity Promotion Group.

At the meeting, Ms. Falovskaya highlighted the untapped potential of the Russian market in the tourism industry, noting that while the number of outbound trips from Russia is on the rise, only a small percentage of Russians have travelled abroad.

“Only 20 per cent of Russians have ever travelled abroad, so this is a huge untapped market for travel,” she said.

Ms. Falovskaya added that Russian tourists are drawn to adventurous experiences and are particularly interested in destinations that offer a blend of nature, local culture, culinary experiences, and activities such as fishing – elements that Victoria Falls, the country’s tourism capital, is well-positioned to provide.