Zimbabwe Council of Churches urges calls for peace and dialogue

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By Paidashe Mandivengerei

THE Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) has called on Zimbabweans to come together to ensure that peace prevails and engage in dialogue to help resolve the country’s economic problems.

This comes after violence rocked the country during the #Shutdown Zimbabwe demonstrations called last week the by Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) in response to hiked fuel prices.

The protests led to clashes with the police and the army in which at least 12 people died, and several others were injured nationwide.

Speaking to a local radio station on the church’s position, Reverend Samuel Sifelani of ZCC said all sectors need to come together, engage in dialogue and find solutions to the crisis Zimbabwe is facing.

“As Zimbabweans we are going through a very difficult time and even after the occurrences of the past few days the critical issues remain, the issues of salaries and the economy remain,” he said.

“Solutions to these problems do not lie in any particular political party or a particular sector but it really lies in the people Zimbabwe.

“That is why as ZCC we are calling for dialogue to say across sectors people engage in a consensus national building process where we come together, in a non-partisan manner.”

The ecumenical organisation indicated that Zimbabwe’s economic challenges are bigger than politics.

Solutions to the crisis can be achieved if political affiliation is overlooked and Zimbabweans come together as one people.

“Our problems are beyond every other -ism that divides us to come and talk and build this nation and find what is good for Zimbabwe.

“Before we score cheap political mileage what we need is to think about Zimbabwe first,” he said.

The government has blamed the opposition for the deadly violence last week with more than 700 people having been arrested since.