Zimbabwe mines award workers wage increase

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The Zimbabwe mining industry has granted its workers a remarkable wage increase following negotiations between worker representatives and employers.

President of the Associated Mine Workers Union of Zimbabwe Tinago Ruzive said in a statement on Monday to stakeholders that the agreement it struck with the Chamber of Mines covers the period from January to March.

“This will raise the minimum wage for the mining industry from 1,200.01 Zimbabwe dollars (ZWL) (about 67 U.S. dollars) to 3,450 ZWL.

“This agreement is based on the dollar value principle, for those mines who may be paying above the minimum due to various reasons or merit. Therefore, no employee shall fail to get an increase,” he said.

However, the increase falls short of the poverty datum line of 4188 ZWL as at end of December 2019.

Ruzive said the union would soon engage the Chamber of Mines to negotiate wages for the second quarter covering April to June.