Zimbabwe opposition rising from ground zero Hopes dashed … Opposotion MDC-T party still dazed from its July 31 defeat

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GOOD day my fellow Zimbabweans. I am happy that God created all of us equal before him and put love in all our hearts to live in peace and harmony and has called us to be interested in the wellbeing of others.
Many might ask why ZUNDE at this juncture. The answer is simple; the opposition movement has virtually surrendered to Zanu PF. After promising, quite boldly, that “this time we will not let Zanu PF steal another election”, Zanu PF did just that. When the opposition movement failed and declared that there was no other way, it was time to look to the future hence, Zimbabweans United for Democracy (ZUNDE).
ZUNDE is an African philosophy; a robust, tested and proven methodology for community engagement, participation, coordination and resource pooling to address a community issue. In ZUNDE, best intentions are at play, the best of innovation is tried, love is exchanged and the motivation is ennobled. This model does not work where self-interest rules. This is why, at ZUNDE, unlike elsewhere, we will not provide a safe haven for corruption and self-aggrandisement. As Team ZUNDE, we will listen, act and deliver.
At ZUNDE we are committed to the finalisation of our struggle for freedom and democracy in Zimbabwe. We are proud of all the forerunners in this struggle from the days of occupation, the days of the liberation struggle to the current movement for democracy. We are proud of what they have achieved and are challenged to take on what is still to be done. The fight for democracy, human dignity and economic prosperity is a continuous process that every generation must pursue vigorously.
Even though 31 July 2013 was our midnight, now the sun, ZUNDE, is rising. The manipulation of law and justice system, fraud, and intimidation has proven incapable of killing the people’s resolve to be free.  Force did not turn into loaves of bread.  Zimbabweans may be quiet but they are strong, they are patient but observing – you cannot fool them forever. Abusing our civil service and security institutions served for a while but not forever – our sons and daughters in these institutions have human hearts too. They love their country and they yearn for an end to this quagmire.
We are under no illusion about the task before us. It’s not just the justice, security and politics that are broken. The entire national fabric, national pride and service delivery needs restoration. It’s tragic when poor villagers are not paid for their produce delivered to the state. What cruelty is worse than this? When they are lucky to be paid, they get as little as 20c for a kilogram of cotton, how cruel? We have much to do from the grass root villagers, the urban dweller and homeless, and to the millions scattered abroad. ZUNDE is well aware of the magnitude of this State House-made disaster but are committed and ready for the challenge.Advertisement

As an update, I’m humbled to report that our work is progressing tremendously. We are living in the most exciting times of our freedom and democracy journey, that after the deadly wound of July 31 2013, we are now rising up to our feet. Our global team is shaping rapidly. You might be happy to know that we are making steady and strategic progress at home. Very soon we will be making announcements to this effect. The message is spreading and I can tell you the haters of freedom are quaking in their boots.  The bubbles for freedom are vibrating in the hearts of our youth.
Our journey framework requires us to consult our people. Our team is developing an engagement framework to gather your views and establish a shared understanding of the work ahead of us. So check our website,, and be ready to participate. We will soon be releasing a paper on our proposals on governance, policy formulation and rule of law. I am sure you are eagerly waiting to receive updates on this development. Friends, always remember that this is not about someone else but you.
If ZUNDE is in competition with anyone, it is only those that want to take us backwards and keep our people in the dark past. We are urging the democracy movement not to surrender to intimidation and fraud. We are saying that it is possible to go forward; we have not exhausted our energy or our innovativeness. We can’t give up now otherwise all those that perished since colonisation, the liberation struggle and during the recent years will have died for nothing. That should never be and we should never think like that, even for a single moment. We are saying wake up from the slumber, from hopelessness and feeling defeated because ZUNDE is knocking on your heart and conscience.
At ZUNDE we are determined for the next round – a complete departure from the dark days of the past where politics was based on individuals and personalities, where aspiration for the highest office was considered treasonous, where character assassinations, insults and personality degradation was the method of choice. We have done this for the past 33 years and all the insults and name calling have not produced even a single hospital bed. ZUNDE is proposing politer, kinder and gentler politics.
Our message is simple and straight and we come in peace. We are only asking for what our ancestors and freedom fighters have always asked for. We are asking for what our people are asking for. ZUNDE is saying “Mugabe, let our people free”. We are not asking for a pound of his flesh, we are not asking for his cattle in Zvimba; but only our freedom. We are asking that we fulfil the aspirations of our ancestors who lived under the shame of colonisation, our parents who had to be slaves in their own land, and our people who are being forced to run away from their own homes fearing their very own son.
To the workers and operatives in public service we have a simple call. Don’t waste time trying to locate our leaders and intimidate our people. We are not dark-goggled night riders who move in shadows and night. We have announced ourselves in the open. All we are asking is for you to do the right thing – serve the people with all your heart and integrity, and not individuals. ZUNDE sympathises with our people scattered all over the globe who want to return home and be among their own people, our communities who are terrorised and want peace and our young people tired of chasing for none existent jobs and opportunities.
To our spiritual leaders ZUNDE is appealing that they advise President Mugabe that a home without peace is not liveable, that it is inhuman and un-African to abuse your own people and that if he ignores the blood of fallen heroes and the cry of his people, God will reject him soon and anoint his successor.
ZUNDE is saying the fight is not yet over. It’s not time yet to return to our fields, jobs or occupations. No matter how disappointed, we have enough reserve to push on. We were selfish and ignored other people and thought we could do it as small groups. We privatised the struggle and fought with one hand in the pocket thinking we were too smart for the devil. If we unite under this tried and tested ZUNDE model of our ancestors, we will surely succeed. We extend our invitation to all progressive forces and minds.
At ZUNDE we are not ignorant that people have lost trust in politicians. This is why we are promoting values and not people. We are not coming in excellence of business, social or academic achievements. We are offering enduring values which we can embrace and proudly pass on to our children. We are not forgetting the past as I have alluded in the opening remarks. We stand for fairness, accountability, inclusiveness and respect (FAIR).
Let’s go Team ZUNDE. This time we mean it. Don’t be left behind and let others decide your future.  I thank you. May God bless Zimbabwe?