Zimbabwe Tech Startups Give Back

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SEATTLE: Food, healthcare, education: three supposed human rights that millions do not have access to in Zimbabwe. Here, millions of people are oppressed and struggling to feed their families. But three Zimbabwe tech startups are offering a glimpse of hope to those struggling to make ends meet. By providing free legal education, affordable healthcare and attainable loans, YouFarm, Justice Today and Futuremed are giving back to their community.

Justice Today Educates Zimbabweans on Their Rights

Education is not viewed as a privilege by many. But to families who are focused on feeding their children and providing an income any way they can, education is the last thing on their minds. Justice Today is a free legal app that is looking to change that. Developed by Zimbabwe natives, this app is a legal education tool that allows people to report crime in real time and understand their legal options with the help of artificial intelligence. The Justice Today app has a copy of Zimbabwe’s constitution in the software, providing everyone with an opportunity to know their rights.

Informing uneducated or unaware people of the law is a step towards equality and empowerment for all. Justice Today is one of the Zimbabwe tech startups that is giving back by changing the way education and crime are viewed and preventing people from being marginalized by a lack of education. Justice Today is not only making the streets of Zimbabwe safer, but sending a message of equality to all by providing information that would not normally be accessible to the poor.

Futuremed One of the Zimbabwe Tech Startups Working to Improve Healthcare

With the goal of eliminating tuberculosis, HIV and malaria, Futuremed, another Zimbabwe tech startup, is a medical company that is looking to “serve the underserved” by offering high quality and affordable healthcare to those who do not usually have access to it. By providing telemedicine and AI exams, Futuremed is able to keep costs low, making these exams more affordable for the patients. The prevention and treatment of such diseases are the basis for supporting healthy people who have the time, energy and money to spend on making a living or going to school. Without the worry of disease, quality of life goes up. Futuremed is changing the course of health for poor people who may not have been able to afford preventative exams and treatments in the past.

YouFarm Uses Crowdfunding to Aid Farmers

Becoming a farmer can be tough without the assets necessary to grow a farm. Women and youths are especially affected, as they cannot easily get loans. Harare-based startup YouFarm is a crowdfunded tech company that uses investments from the public to fund the startup costs for small farms. Once the crops are harvested, the shares are split between the farmer and investor. Anyone can invest, even if they live outside of Zimbabwe. YouFarm offers a crucial solution for people who are looking to make a living but simply cannot because they are stuck in the cycle of poverty. By providing nontraditional loans, YouFarm is able to help people out of poverty by providing them with a sustainable income.

People need food to survive, money to buy food and healthcare to thrive. These things are the basis for a poverty-free life. Justice Today, YouFarm and Futuremed are all Zimbabwe tech startups that give back by inspiring hope. The continued compassion of entrepreneurs like these will change the course of poverty in today’s world.

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