Zimbabwe to host innovation Africa summit

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By Staff Reporter

ZIMBABWE is set to host the 8th edition of Innovation Africa Summit, with a special focus on finding ways of improving the country’s education infrastructure to meet international standards.

The summit which will bring together government officials responsible for education and Information Communication Technology (ICT) across Africa, captains of industry and investors will run from November 28 – 30, in Harare. 

President Mnangagwa will officially open the proceedings. 

“Innovation Africa 2018 is held under the official patronage of the Government of Zimbabwe led by the Ministry of Primary & Secondary Education,” the organisers said in a recent statement.

“As well as being led by the Minister of Primary & Secondary Education, Hon Paul Mavima, the key stakeholders from Zimbabwe’s Government including the Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of ICT will play key roles. 

“The President of Zimbabwe, His Excellency Emmerson Mnangagwa is committed to innovation and the educational transformation of the country. Preparations are underway for the President to welcome guests at the Innovation Africa Summit”.

Mnangagwa is hard pressed to transform Zimbabwe’s education sector which has suffered years of neglect characterised by a critical shortage of schools especially in rural areas, lack of investment in new infrastructure as well as remuneration of the skilled work force.

Despite launching an aggressive schools computerisation programme during the Mugabe era, most of the schools especially in rural areas have to make use of the technology due to lack of electricity as well as skilled personnel.

“As part of Zimbabwe’s Vision 2030 the country requires the construction of up to an additional 2,000 schools and to implement a nationwide program to ensure WiFi connectivity in all educational institution,” the organisers said.

“Zimbabwe is implementing a new competence-based curriculum and accordingly wishes to work with partners who can assist with increasing capacity, professional teacher development, creation of e-content and introducing technology and devices in the classroom.”

The summit will be structured around a highly productive meetings-based format giving the opportunity for industry partners and delegates to pre-schedule meetings with ministers and senior officials along with universities and leading research and educational institutions in Africa. 

The panel sessions during the event will also cover key aspects of the sustainable development goals, ICT investment, developing digital skills, vocational and technical training and advancing innovation in science and research.