Zimbabwe will never be a one party state – vows Chamisa 

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By  Staff Reporter

CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has vowed that his party will never surrender to the ruling Zanu PF.

This comes at a time the opposition has been accusing Zanu PF and the government of abusing power to intimidate and silence political opponents.

Security services have also been accused of helping the ruling party maintain its stranglehold on power by brutally crushing dissenting voices.

Recently, Zanu PF vice leader and ex deputy President Kembo Mohadi, addressing traditional leaders, said multiple political parties were not necessary for Zimbabwe because Zanu PF has the capacity to fulfil people’s needs.

Chamisa said despite everything thrown at him, he will never give up to Zanu PF and Zimbabwe will to be a multiparty democracy.

“Zimbabwe shall not be a one party state. We  will unite all Zimbabweans and build a formidable ‘Team New Great Zimbabwe’ of the able and competent from across all parties.

“We will be a happy and flourishing multiparty democracy. Zimbabwe, let us win big!” Chamisa posted on twitter.

Last week CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said the ruling Zanu PF party was trying to make Zimbabwe a one party state.

“We know that is what Zanu PF was budgeting for at this stage was that Zimbabwe will be a one party state. They tried all sorts of shenanigans but we remain steadfast, we are going to continue to march in the fight to win Zimbabwe for change,” Mahere said.

Meanwhile, close to 2000 politically motivated cases of violence have been recorded so far and there are fears of a bloody 2023 general election.

This year alone, at least three CCC supporters, including Moreblessing Ali and Mboneni Ncube, have been killed by suspected Zanu PF members.

On the other side, CCC lawmaker Job Sikhala has been behind bars for more than 150 days after he was arrested for allegedly inciting violence.