Zimbabwean industrial chemist makes low cost sun cream

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By Agencies

Zimbabwean industrial chemist has developed a low cost sun cream that harnesses zinc and titanium from natural sources and indigenous trees to reduce exposure from the sun’s radiation for people living with albinism.

The new innovative products also seek to slow down damages and infections to their skin.

Dr. Joey Chifamba who won a prize for his innovations at the just -ended University of Zimbabwe Research Innovation and Industrialisation week said his product seeks to help people living with albinism who suffer from actinic (solar induced) skin damage- freckles and sunburn to various skin cancers which shorten their live spans considerably.

He said that no product has ever been developed to protect albinistic persons from actinic damage. The sunscreens that are given to them are designed for white-skinned people and do not take into consideration specific conditions and differences found on albinistic skins.

This make them not very effective and not very suitable especially for all day everyday wear since albinism is a lifelong condition.