Zimbabweans’ priorities are misplaced, says Mliswa to 12 000+ who followed ex-girlfriend Mutami’s four-hour Twitter rant

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By Staff Reporter 

INDEPENDENT Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has hit out at Zimbabweans for having misplaced priorities after over 12 000 people spent four hours listening to his ex-girlfriend, Susan Mutami pouring her heart out on Twitter.

Mliswa was responding to several claims made about him by Mutami in the monologue that gripped attention of Zimbabwe’s active social media users.

Mutami’s claims include that of having been continuously rapped by President Emmerson Mnangagwa since she was 15 years-old.

Mutami narrated how her relationship with Mliswa started, revealing intimate details of their sexual encounters, promises, decision to have a baby together and paternity issues.

The outspoken Mliswa said he never denied responsibility, insisting on DNAs and stating that the whole saga was too intimate to steal the country’s attention.

“We are consenting adults and if we decide to be intimate it is not a crime,” Mliswa said.

“If someone says they are no longer interested it is not a crime but if Zimbabweans choose to intervene it is up to them. I do not see it benefiting anyone.

“I have 19 children still in school, I have a constituency and national issues to pay attention to and cannot spend my time focusing on useless issues. That is my personal life anyway and I cannot be worried about sour grapes.

“It is disheartening that over 12 000 people spent four hours listening to a person but the same cannot sacrifice the same time to register to vote. If the same could happen when it comes to registering, there would be change in this country.”

Mliswa said he could not be criticised because he is not married and was free to do whatever made him happy.

He promised to release an official statement, accompanied by evidence responding to Mutami.

“It does not mean that we cannot respond. We actually have evidence, but we cannot allow a situation where people are scandalised through social media because you do not like the president, you do not like Temba, Douglas Mwonzora or you do not like Nelson Chamisa from a political stance.

“We are politicians, we are men, and we know the powerful thing women have is to claim that they have been raped when they have not been raped or abused,” he said.

In her four hours Twitter rant Mutami name dropped several politicians she claimed to have bedded.

Mutami also claimed that she dated late cabinet minister Sibusiso Moyo adding they have a child together.

“You cannot listen to a story about the dead who cannot defend themselves. Credibility should be the basis for people to know who they are dealing with,” Mliswa said.

“However, this cannot take precedence over national issues. We cannot prioritise bedroom issues, not that I do not condemn abuse, I do because I also have 15 daughters.”