Zimbabweans Under ED Now Worse Than Animals – ZCTU Leader

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

OUTSPOKEN Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions president Peter Mutasa says ordinary Zimbabweans living in the current Zanu PF led regime were now worse that animals.

Mutasa was speaking in an address to mark Workers Day Saturday.

He said as workers, they regretted supporting the 2017 coup that ousted now late former President Robert Mugabe and ushered in incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“When we supported the military coup hoping that they will progress, we actually jumped from the frying pan into the fire and we have no one else is going to rescue us than ourselves,” he said in an address that was also beamed online.

“…We supported a military coup hoping that the devil may repent…we are in trouble today, we are under a de facto military rule, our constitutional rights and freedoms have been suspended, we are worse than animals.

“Animals have better rights in some cases. I have never seen many animals that have been arrested in this country, I have not seen many animals that have been poisoned.”

Mutasa added, “But human beings being arrested, brutalised and killed for having a different political view, for holding a different political idea, for believing in the calls for trade unionism and workers’ cause, people are dying for that.

“So, we no longer enjoy the fundamental rights, such as freedom of assembly which is no longer enjoyed in this country.

“We no longer enjoy freedom of speech or freedom of expression as they drive towards the One-Part State agenda.

“The rights to be free from torture and degrading treatment, right to liberty and security of persons and many other such rights.

“All our socio-economic rights are violated daily. We no longer lead dignified lives as we are deprived of our social economic rights.

“The right to education, access to health, adequate housing, fair wages and many others have all been violated.”

Mutasa said trade union leaders, political and civic society activists are abducted and tortured by state agents.

“The law is being weaponised and used to prosecute dissenting voices,” he said.

“The judiciary is no longer trusted by any and has been acting in many instances in a manner that cement the view that it is captured and used as a willing weapon against citizens.”