Zimbabwe’s collapsed health system failed him – says Garry Mapanzure’s sister, pleads for government’s intervention

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By Darlington Gatsi

LATE afropop musician Garikai “Garry” Mapanzure’s sister cut a defeated figure as she gave a moving tribute at his burial in Masvingo on Sunday.

Garry died in the early hours of Friday due to injuries he sustained in a road traffic accident Thursday and was buried in Masvingo. His sister Kudzai Mapanzure Chikwanha blamed the health system which she said failed her brother who battled for his life for 12 hours.

“I have one message which will not be right if I don’t say it today. The health system in Zimbabwe failed Garry. I want to say it because maybe they may hear us. Maybe Garry would have been alive today, maybe somebody’s life or another child, maybe some other family won’t have to go through the pain we are going through. He held on for 12 hours but there was nothing in Masvingo.

“To me, it just means that if anyone has a serious accident in Masvingo it is a death trap, you are dead, you are as good as dead. Garry, I do not know what to say I never thought in my whole life that I would come here to bury Garry. No this is wrong. People say it is God’s time but I do not believe that it was Garry’s time. If the Government can hear us, do something so that another family will not have to gather again.

“Just one scan could have saved Garry just for him to be looked at what was going on in his brain. Just an ambulance maybe could have taken him where he needed to go. I asked the hospital in Masvingo they said they had no oxygen in the ambulance. Maybe something, I do not know I don’t know but I know Garry held on for 12 hours, it is not fair,” an emotional Chikwanha said breaking into tears.

The 25-year-old musician is reported to have waited many hours for an ambulance to arrive, battling for his life.

This has attracted rage from Zimbabweans over the health system which is in intensive care.

This comes as President Mnangagwa told World leaders at the United Nations General Assembly recently that the country has made strides in the health sector.

These sentiments were trashed by the opposition which blames the ruling party Zanu PF for the state of the health system.