Zimbabwe’s Covid-19 Cases Declining – Govt

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ZIMBABWE’S government insists it’s managed to bring Covid-19 under control, and that cases are going down.

The country’s chief Covid-19 coordinator says initial spikes were due to Zimbabweans returning home from abroad but, there are some who question the official figures.

According to the latest figures by the Zimbabwean government, the country has just over 8,000 coronavirus cases with 231 deaths.

The country went into lockdown in March but last month, the strict regulations put in place to curb the disease were replaced by a return to relatively normal life with schools and restaurants opening, among other areas.

Agnes Mahomva, the country’s Chief Covid-19 coordinator, is upbeat.

“We are seeing less and less new cases, when this epidemic started we had large numbers coming from neighboring countries and abroad,” Mahomva said.

“So it was really a scenario of imported cases but lately as we moved we started having local transmission but that has since settled and we are very happy about it.”

Activists say a lack of testing is behind Zimbabwe’s low Covid-19 numbers.