Zimcodd Pressures Gvt To Disclose Public Expenditure

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  1. By Alois Vinga

ZIMBABWE Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) has rekindled efforts to pressure the government to disclose information public resources expenditure under a new campaign code-named HowFar 2.0.

The initiative follows the challenges, successes and lessons learnt during the first phase of the campaign.

The first phase received an overwhelming response from the general public and activists who have shown keen interest to hold the various levels of government of Zimbabwean to account.

Through the first campaign dubbed #So far, #ThisFar #EDelivers, said ZIMCODD, the government attempted to update citizens on what the government has done to improve public service delivery since the second republic assumed power in 2017.

“Not taking away our acknowledgement and appreciation of the government response, we feel that there has been a selective approach to the responses.

“More needs to be done and that more issues are yet to be responded to, a clear indication that the culture of genuine public accountability is still in peace-meal format.  We do not want piece meals we want the “whole meal”,” said ZIMCODD in a Tuesday statement.

The NGOs grouping said such pressures shall be sustained until a time there is voluntary public accountability in the mobilisation and utilisation of public resources in Zimbabwe amid plans to a platform for citizens to ask pertinent and uncomfortable questions.

“The HowFar 2.0 is taking this struggle to another level: a level where citizens do not have to beg for information which should be made publicly available;   where perpetrators of corruption, looting and abuse of public resources are brought to book;

“The campaign shall also see citizens becoming table bangers and demand a fair share of the national cake which is currently enjoyed by 1% whilst the 99% is living on bread crumbs,” said ZIMCODD.

The NGOs groupings said  no one will be called names for exercising his or her constitutional right of demanding transparency, accountability and prudency in the management of that which belongs to the people of Zimbabwe under the new campaign.

The HowFar 2.0 will bring to you RealTalk, a platform for painstaking interviews, hard-hitting questions and sensitive topics with duty bearers and other key players in the governance discourse of the country.

“We will also introduce In4, a weekly news bulletin on public resource management in Zimbabwe,” added ZIMCODD.