Zimdancehall stars Winky D, Killer T and Seh Calaz drop new hits

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ZIMBABWE’S top Zimdancehall artists have started to release new songs after a brief dry period that coincided with Alick Macheso’s new album in four years, ‘Tsoka Dzerwendo’.
The Zimdancehall genre has taken the local entertainment scene by storm and is proving competitive. The artists have also sought to clean up their lyrics as they seek to appeal to a more mature audience.
The top artists in this genre include Winky D, Killer T, Jah Luv, She Calaz and Kinnah among others. has gathered that Winky D, who released a smash hitting and multi award winning singles collection that included ‘Disappear’, is currently in the studio working on a new collection of songs.
Another award winning Zimdancehall star, Killer T, who is based in Mbare has lined up a launch show for his new singles collection in the capital, Harare on April 16.
Killer T bagged numerous awards at the Zimdancehall awards and also won best Zimdancehall artist at the Zimbabwe Music Awards (Zima) and his camp says the singles collection is in response to demand for new stuff from fans.
“We will give away CDs at the show where we will launch new collection of songs. The fans have been asking for new songs from Killer T and he has responded because he wanted to allow his award winning album time to have an impact,” said Killer T’s manager, Kudzai Biston.
She Calaz has also started to release new songs. This week alone, he has released two new songs, ‘No Under’ 18 and ‘Anouya’ which he dropped on his return from Australia at the weekend. Prior to his departure for Australia he had also released another song, ‘Vanodada Neni’ while he has also had various other songs in March.
He told New Zimbabwe that releasing new songs helps him remain relevant in the market. He will be releasing an album later this year as most Zimdancehall artists adopt a three pronged approach; singles, singles collections and albums to tap into the entertainment market.
“I have to keep releasing new songs to remain relevant and it is not a problem for me because I capitalise on my creativity. I am also working on a new album that I will release later this year,” said the Mbare based Calaz.
Killer T said he was thankful to Zimdancehall fans who continue to appreciate the work that the artists are doing. He said the singles collection he will be launching was a prelude to his forthcoming new album.Advertisement

“The new album for 2016 is coming and we are finalising dates and everything but before that we are launching the new singles collection to satisfy our fans who have been asking for new stuff. I have responded with a collection of new songs that I am sure will be a hit with the fans,” said Killer T.